We are not currently accepting new members in our premium service. We plan on changing that in the near future.

UPDATE: 1/6/2023 – We are getting ready to open our membership back up. Right now the plan is to offer both our conservative portfolio trades as well as our Dividend/Retirement Portfolio as one membership. We have restarted all the portfolios in 2023 so you can jump right in. Still working on setting up the back end of the service since we had been doing everything manually in the past. Be sure to sign up below so you will be notified when we go active. We are posting a few trades on our blog and Facebook right now so you don’t miss out while we finish up. But, that will change in the future and we will just post reviews. We will also give you higher risk and higher return trade ideas which we may take in our non-disclosed portfolios but these will be up to you to take and manage. 

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