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The Short (Naked) Call

The Short (Naked) Call Shorting or selling a call is the opposite of buying a call. When you buy a call you typically expect or want the underlying to go up in price since you have purchased the right to buy the underlying at a specific price. When you short a call you are giving […]

The Long Call

The Long Call The long call is one of the most basic option strategies you can use when trading options. It is relatively simple and easy to understand, however most people forget about the effect of Delta on the position. When purchasing an option, I like to have AT LEAST 30 days before expiration. Preferably, […]

BC Long Call

I purchased BC DEC17 $65.00 Long calls on 7/6/17. Today I decided to sell them because they dropped below my support. I took a 25% loss on these but traded my plan. However, I still think this is a pretty good position. If you decided to hold, you may still end up making money on […]

Soybeans Short Bear Calls

On 5/19/17 with the SQ17 soybeans trading at $954.75 I shorted August calls at $1,150.00. For the most part this trade went perfectly. At one point I could have closed for almost full profit. However, Soybeans had moved so perfectly for me I decided to leave. Oddly, this is something I rarely do in equity […]

Covered Calls

It is time to delve into one of the main strategies I trade. Those of you who are familiar with covered calls, please do not say “really, covered calls again!” because I do not trade typical covered calls. My portfolio is broken down into a number of different strategies that help to increase my returns […]