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Right Now this page is limited to our Founding Members. Eventually we plan on opening this up to others.

Please check out our YouTube channel for lots of training, trades and updates.

The good news is you can still find a lot of educational material in our blog and other pages. We have also included a few links below to get you started.


  1. EMA Stacked Moving Average Set up.
  2. EMA Wave Indicator. How to set it up.
  3. Bollinger Band Trading System Set up.
  4. Butterflys – Should you Buy or Sell them?
  5. Iron Condors – How to Trade them on Indexes.
  6. Robot Traders – Do They Really Work?
  7. Trend Lines – How I draw them and why.


  1. Check out our BOOKS page which has a lot of background on how we trade!
  2. Butterfly’s What is the Difference Between Buying and Selling them?
  3. Calendar’s. A good way to trade a range bound security.
  4. Covered Calls Diagonals. The better way to trade a Covered Call Strategy
  5. Covered Calls. The Generic Way.
  6. Covered Calls. The Strangle Entry.
  7. Greeks – Understanding Option Greeks
  8. Iron Condor’s How we Trade the on Indexes.
  9. Iron Condor’s What is the Difference  Between Buying and Selling them?
  10. Long Call
    1. The Short (Naked) Call
  11. Long Put
  12. Robot Trading – Does it Work?
  13. Spreads – Debit and Credit Spreads Introduced.
  14. Strangles – What they are and How we Trade Them.
  15. Synthetic Long Stock.

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