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September SPX Condor

We tried to get into a SPX Condor on 7/31/18 but only got our PUT side filled. Which is fine. We ended up selling the 2620 (9/21/18) put and buying the 2595 (9/21/18) put. It was a 25 point spread about 52 days left. We were able to get a $1.25 credit on the spread […]

TSLA 05/17/2017

This started out as a short term put credit spread. The 7, 21 and 50 moving averages were showing resistance as well as two price point consolidation points on the chart. Momentum was pointing down and I felt this would be a good 2 day trade. When I entered the trade TSLA was trading at […]

SKX 9/8/16 Look Back Trade

SKX – 09/08/2016 This was a bear call spread that I actually sold to help improve a covered call position I had in SKX. SKX was not performing well in my covered call portfolio so I decided to place a hedge trade. If SKX stayed the same or went down then I would make money […]

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