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Swing Trading – The KISS System

Swing Trading for Dummies – The KISS System Yes, KISS stands for Keep it Simple Stupid. Trading should not be hard. Trading should not be overly complicated. With hundreds of indicators out there with thousands of combinations I wanted to give you a simple yet effective swing trading system that is easy to understand and […]

Learn Options Trading Strategies

Learn Option Trading Strategies Are you wanting to learn to trade stock options? Looking to learn option trading strategies that really work and are high probability? If you want to learn options trading we can absolutely help you, with no monthly subscription and no huge upfront cost for learning options trading. First of all let […]

Trade4Profits: Watch Me Trade

This is the second book in our Trade4Profits series. This is a unique book because it shows you actual trades from our trade journal. You can literally look at our trades through our eyes. Trade4Profits – Watch Me Trade There are lots of books out there on trading but how many of them teach you […]