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The Short (Naked) Call

The Short (Naked) Call Shorting or selling a call is the opposite of buying a call. When you buy a call you typically expect or want the underlying to go up in price since you have purchased the right to buy the underlying at a specific price. When you short a call you are giving […]

The Long Put

The Long Put The Long Put is another of the most basic of options strategies you can use when trading options. It is easy to understand and you know your risk when you enter the position. Most people do however, forget about the effect of Delta on the position. When purchasing an option, I like […]

Synthetic Short Stock

Synthetic Short Stock The only advantage of a synthetic short stock position over just shorting the stock itself is the margin requirements. It takes less margin to use a synthetic short stock position as compared to just shorting the stock. Another reason some people use a synthetic short is because mentally, they seem less scared […]

Synthetic Long Stock

Synthetic Long Stock As part of my ongoing option strategy education I wanted to discuss a Synthetic Long position. A synthetic long is very useful if you want to purchase a stock but do not have the capital to purchase it outright. RISK: Keep in mind you have the SAME risk to the down side […]

Personal Finance and Investing

PERSONAL FINANCE OR INVESTING The term personal finance means managing your money. It starts with saving your money and investing it in the right way. This includes making a well-planned budget, sticking to it, planning insurance, banking and managing all finances. Personal finance goes a long way as It starts as soon as you get […]

New YouTube Channel

Well, not exactly new. We are working hard to build our YouTube Channel. Our hope is to be able to provide you the education you need for FREE to trade the market. It does not matter if you trade stocks, options, forex or commodities we believe we have something to help you be more successful. […]

Learn Options Trading Strategies

Learn Option Trading Strategies Are you wanting to learn to trade stock options? Looking to learn option trading strategies that really work and are high probability? If you want to learn options trading we can absolutely help you, with no monthly subscription and no huge upfront cost for learning options trading. First of all let […]

What are Fibonacci Levels

What are Fibonacci Levels Fibonacci lines are a very popular tool technical investors use to determine potential price action. They use them to help find support and resistance points. In fact, they may very well be the most popular of all trading tools. We know there are many people that do not believe in Fibonacci […]

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