Category: Money Management

Is the Stock Market a Good Long-Term Investment?

Investing in the stock market has been a topic of fascination, debate, and opportunity for generations. For many, it’s a pathway to wealth accumulation, financial security, and achieving long-term goals. However, the stock market’s inherent volatility and occasional downturns often raise questions about its reliability as a long-term investment vehicle. In this exploration, we’ll delve […]

Trading Plan

All of my trades start with a trading plan. That means I know what conditions I need for entry and exit before I ever execute a trade. Some trading plans are more defined than others such as my condor trades and some might be based on crossing a particular moving average, stop loss or profit […]

Money Management

This is probably the most important part of any trading strategy or account. Without proper money management you will find your account busted very quickly. Remember if I am right 60% of the time I have done well. That means I have to manage my account in a way that I can survive being wrong […]