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NKE – 10/2/18

NKE – 10/2/18 – Iron Condor NKE had a big earnings Implied Volatility drop after earnings but still looked pretty good for an Iron Condor. I could have gotten more premium trading before earnings but there is a huge risk doing that, which is why you get more premium. On 10/2 I sold the 11/16 […]

CRM 9/28/18 Iron Condor

CRM – 9/28/18 – Iron Condor I have always struggling trading CRM, not sure why I keep trying. The return here looked pretty good, I guess that is one reason I keep trying to trade it. On 9/28 I entered into a 11/16 Iron Condor selling the $175 Call and purchasing the $180 Call. I […]

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