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CRM 9/28/18 Iron Condor

CRM – 9/28/18 – Iron Condor I have always struggling trading CRM, not sure why I keep trying. The return here looked pretty good, I guess that is one reason I keep trying to trade it. On 9/28 I entered into a 11/16 Iron Condor selling the $175 Call and purchasing the $180 Call. I […]

September SPX Condor

We tried to get into a SPX Condor on 7/31/18 but only got our PUT side filled. Which is fine. We ended up selling the 2620 (9/21/18) put and buying the 2595 (9/21/18) put. It was a 25 point spread about 52 days left. We were able to get a $1.25 credit on the spread […]

Iron Condor Update

The Iron Condor is one of my favorite strategies. If you do know what an Iron Condor is, Click Here. If you do then you know the power of the Iron Condor trade. I rarely hold my Condor’s until expiration, my goal is to take advantage of time decay and close the position as early […]

RUT Look Back Trade

RUT 6/10/2016 On 6/10 the market had made a pretty good move down after an uptrend. I still believed that the market was in an uptrend and wanted to take advantage of the pull back to ‘leg’ into an Iron Condor. Legging in means that you place one side of the trade without initially placing […]

GLD Iron Condor Look Back Trade

GLD – 8/25/16 Decided to enter a GLD Iron Condor. I normally do not like trading condor’s on anything but the indexes and maybe SPY, DIA or QQQ. However I decided to try my hand at a GLD trade. Overall the trade was successful with a respectable return for a 30 day trade, but I […]

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