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Turtle Trading

Well, let’s time warp back to 1983 when to commodity traders named Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt decided that the value of turtles changed over time so you could trade them to other people….Just Kidding! Actually they decided to conduct an experiment to prove they could teach people with no trading experience how to be […]

Does Warrior Trading Work?

Warrior Trading: Owner: Ross Cameron Warrior trading is one of those ‘let me teach you to day trade’ courses and chat rooms. First let’s talk about cost. Their chat room will cost you $149.00/month if you do the monthly plan and about $74.00/month if you sign up for the annual plan. Their starter course […]

BC Long Call

I purchased BC DEC17 $65.00 Long calls on 7/6/17. Today I decided to sell them because they dropped below my support. I took a 25% loss on these but traded my plan. However, I still think this is a pretty good position. If you decided to hold, you may still end up making money on […]

Trading Plan

All of my trades start with a trading plan. That means I know what conditions I need for entry and exit before I ever execute a trade. Some trading plans are more defined than others such as my condor trades and some might be based on crossing a particular moving average, stop loss or profit […]

Is TradeNet a Legitimate Day Trading Program?

Primary site owner/personality: Meir Barak. Website: TradeNet is another of the ‘let me teach you to day trade’ sites. One thing I noticed about the TradeNet website is that it has a more professional set up. Although it does feel a little bit like a carnival sells site to me, which might push you […]

How to Buy a Stock Cheap

One of the ways I have discussed working from how was trading stocks. This could be day or swing trading. I have a page on it that you should look at before deciding this is right for you. As part of that strategy I wanted to discuss one way you can purchase a stock (or […]

Covered Calls

It is time to delve into one of the main strategies I trade. Those of you who are familiar with covered calls, please do not say “really, covered calls again!” because I do not trade typical covered calls. My portfolio is broken down into a number of different strategies that help to increase my returns […]

Virtual Trading

Most online brokerages offer virtual (paper) trading. I cannot begin to express to you the importance of virtual trading. It gives you an idea about how a new strategy will work and how the position looks on a day to day basis. There are a few things I need to warn you about however. First […]

Money Management

This is probably the most important part of any trading strategy or account. Without proper money management you will find your account busted very quickly. Remember if I am right 60% of the time I have done well. That means I have to manage my account in a way that I can survive being wrong […]