PCAR – Long Call – 7/12/18

PCAR – 7/12/18 – Long Call

On 7/12 I noticed and evening start pattern on the PCAR chart and decided to traded it. I purchased an ITM Put option with a Delta of 71 so I would make money a little faster if the stock continued down. I had to pay a little more for it but that is the price you have to pay if you want faster option movement in relation to the stock price.

Unfortunately, the next day PCAR hit my mental stop and I decided to close the trade for a loss rather than hold to see if it proved correct.

I ended up with a $80.00 loss on a risk of $1,510.00 or about 5.3%.

Date   EXP Strike Price Ct C/P Cost Balance
07/12/18 BO 11/16/18 $67.50 7.55 2 P -$1,510.00 -$1,510.00
07/13/18 SC 11/16/18 $67.50 7.15 2 P $1,430.00 -$80.00
Loss of $80.00

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