The Complete Guide to Option Selling

The Complete Guide to Option Trading – How Selling Options can Lead to Stellar Returns in Bull and Bear Markets by James Cordier & Michael Gross is a good book on selling futures options. The book gives you good insight into the way options work as well as the classic, “you make money by selling options” spill.

Not that I do not agree with you make money by selling options as opposed to buying them as a general rule, there are times that I do buy options. There are also certain strategies that buying options works better than selling them.

This book focuses on futures options taking advantages of more consistent trends that appear in commodities as well as some strong seasonal tendencies.

I really like the book, have read it a couple of times and use it when trading futures. Overall I would guess that I am profitable about 80% of the time using the methods taught in the book.

Even if you do not trade futures this is still a good book in principle. You can use these strategies selectively using stocks or indexes. I would suggest indexes as opposed to individual stocks.

Buy the book and see for yourself. If you trade futures it is a must but still valuable if you do not. This is one of the books in my library that I consider a ‘core’ knowledge book.

Good luck.

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