Why Pay $1,999.00 to Learn to Trade?

Why should you have to pay thousands of dollars to learn to trade when we will get you started for less than $10.00?

Do you just like to waste your money? Do you think that the ‘Guru’ who is spending THOUSANDS of dollars to get you to purchase his service is really giving you your money’s worth?

Think about it? How do they pay for all that advertising? I can tell you, you pay for it.

We don’t want you to spend thousands to get a good grasp of how trading works. We want to teach you for as little as possible so you can use your money trading instead of helping ‘Guru’s’ pad their pockets with your money.

This is what Trade4Profits is all about!

Below is how you can get started right now!

  1. Read our book. Trade4Profits – Shortcuts to Profitable Trading. In it you will learn the basics of stock picking and options without all the fluff or up selling just trying to get more of your money.
  2. Move on to our book Trade4Profits – Watch Me Trade. This is a selective trading journal we wrote to let you see how trades are placed, managed, defended and work out in the end.
  3. Be on the look out for our book Trade4Profits – Watch Me Trade 2. This trading journal continues what our first Watch Me Trade book started but has a heavier focus on Iron Condors and Broken Wind Iron Condors. Yes, there are other trades as well. We hope to have it out in the next couple of months, we are still adding trades to it as we write this!
  4. Visit our website trade4profits.com to learn more about how we trade!

Our books are not designed to bore you with countless pages on theory or psychology, we stick to what can actually make you money and help you decide how to continue your education going forward.

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