Trade4Profits: Watch Me trade

There are lots of books out there on trading but how many of them teach you as well as let you study real entries from a traders private trading journal? In my book, I let you look over my shoulder as I trade covered calls, diagonals, butterflys, credit spreads, debit spreads, strangles and others.

You get more than a lecture on how to trade, you are getting real examples of how the trades actually played out and what my thinking was while I was trading. You can see the successes and failures I experienced during these trades as well as some insight on why trades played out the way they did.

A trader’s journal is the most important thing to their long term success as a trader. This book gives you access to that wealth of knowledge to help you improve your overall trading without making these same mistakes. You also get inside access to what trades worked and why. Get insight into why my Covered Call/Diagonal portfolio preformed so well in 2016 as a good selection of those trades are in the book.

Learn how my trades and trading plan changed over this time period to use in your trades.

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