Trade4Profits: Watch Me Trade 2

Watch Me Trade 2 is a continuation of our first Watch Me Trade book. This time we show even more trades including a focus on range bound high probably trades such as Iron Condors and Broken Wing Iron Condors. This trading journal focuses more heavily on these strategies than our first Watch Me Trade book. Don’t worry we still give you examples of actual Diagonals, Spreads, Butterflys and Calendar trades.

This book more than just tells you about theory we let you review our trades. Let you know what we were thinking when we made the trades and how we adjusted and closed the trades. You will see our successful trades and our failures. Even see what happened when we failed to follow our own rules.

A trader’s journal is the most important thing to their long term success. This book gives you access to a wealth of knowledge to help you develop the habits to make you a successful trader. You get inside access to what worked and why. Learn how my trades and trading plan have changed, even since my last book.



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