2016 Covered Call Portfolio

My 2016 covered call portfolio finished with a gain of 22.36% for the year.

My best week in 2016 was an 8.16% weekly return.

My worst week in 2016 was a -8.47% weekly return.

I averaged .43% per week.

My covered call portfolio consists of regular covered calls, diagonals and different types of hedges against those positions. My hedges could be a calendar, a spread, a butterfly or about anything else I think will protect my returns.

As of this writing my 2017 weekly return is .97% which would be almost a 50% return. I doubt I will keep this type of return; I have some losses in the portfolio I am still selling calls against. My guess is that 2017 will be a normal year of between a 20% and a 30% return once the dust settles.

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