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2016 Covered Call Portfolio

My 2016 covered call portfolio finished with a gain of 22.36% for the year. My best week in 2016 was an 8.16% weekly return. My worst week in 2016 was a -8.47% weekly return. I averaged .43% per week. My covered call portfolio consists of regular covered calls, diagonals and different types of hedges against […]

Covered Calls

It is time to delve into one of the main strategies I trade. Those of you who are familiar with covered calls, please do not say “really, covered calls again!” because I do not trade typical covered calls. My portfolio is broken down into a number of different strategies that help to increase my returns […]


What is a diagonal option trade? A diagonal is when you purchase calls or puts with different strike prices and expiring at different times. Examples: Purchase a $75.00 call expiring in 6 weeks and sell a $70.00 call expiring in 2 weeks. Purchase a $40.00 put expiring in 2 months and sell a $45.00 put […]