Month: July 2017

Turtle Trading

Well, let’s time warp back to 1983 when to commodity traders named Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt decided that the value of turtles changed over time so you could trade them to other people….Just Kidding! Actually they decided to conduct an experiment to prove they could teach people with no trading experience how to be […]

BC Long Call

I purchased BC DEC17 $65.00 Long calls on 7/6/17. Today I decided to sell them because they dropped below my support. I took a 25% loss on these but traded my plan. However, I still think this is a pretty good position. If you decided to hold, you may still end up making money on […]


Calendar’s can be a good way to trade a range bound security. A Calendar involves selling a short term option at a closer time frame and purchasing a longer term options at the same strike expiring a number of weeks/months later. You can place a calendar using either calls or puts. I usually base which […]

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