September SPX Condor

We tried to get into a SPX Condor on 7/31/18 but only got our PUT side filled. Which is fine.

We ended up selling the 2620 (9/21/18) put and buying the 2595 (9/21/18) put. It was a 25 point spread about 52 days left. We were able to get a $1.25 credit on the spread which was a little low but we went with it.

We never saw a good opportunity on the Calls for the credit we wanted so just stuck with the Puts on a credit spread.

We entered our target GTC order at $.25 and just waited and watched.

On 8/27/18 our GTC order was hit and we automatically closed the order. After commissions we ended up with a 3.67% return which is annualized to 49.67%.

Not, bad. Now looking for our next Condor opportunity.

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