Iron Condor Update

The Iron Condor is one of my favorite strategies.

If you do know what an Iron Condor is, Click Here.

If you do then you know the power of the Iron Condor trade. I rarely hold my Condor’s until expiration, my goal is to take advantage of time decay and close the position as early as possible in order to increase my odds of a profitable trade.

My average time in an Iron Condor is about 28 days and that includes a few weekly condors that I have traded over the past couple of years. (I rarely trade weekly Iron Condor’s but I did include them in my numbers). I usually enter them with 49 to 62 days in them so you can see about how early I exit them.

Right now I am about 85% accurate on my Condors with a 45% annualized return. Condors are one of my best overall strategies.

Looking back over my Condors I have traded SPX, RUT, NDX, QQQ and GLD. However the majority of my trades were in SPX.

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