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September SPX Condor

We tried to get into a SPX Condor on 7/31/18 but only got our PUT side filled. Which is fine. We ended up selling the 2620 (9/21/18) put and buying the 2595 (9/21/18) put. It was a 25 point spread about 52 days left. We were able to get a $1.25 credit on the spread […]

Iron Condor Update

The Iron Condor is one of my favorite strategies. If you do know what an Iron Condor is, Click Here. If you do then you know the power of the Iron Condor trade. I rarely hold my Condor’s until expiration, my goal is to take advantage of time decay and close the position as early […]


Iron condors are a favorite of mine. I typically only trade them on indexes such as RUT, SPX and NDX. I prefer SPX because I have found it trades more predictable to me. I seem to run into problems more often with RUT and NDX. That is not to say I do not trade them, […]