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September SPX Condor

We tried to get into a SPX Condor on 7/31/18 but only got our PUT side filled. Which is fine. We ended up selling the 2620 (9/21/18) put and buying the 2595 (9/21/18) put. It was a 25 point spread about 52 days left. We were able to get a $1.25 credit on the spread […]

SPX – What a Day

This certainly was not the worst day I have traded in the SPX, but it is one that took me by surprise. I was trading happily along around lunch time then …. BOOM! SPX just started to drop. I said, “OK”, there is plenty of room between the current price and some of my shorts. […]

SPX Iron Condor Look Back Trade

SPX – 6/23/16 I placed this Iron Condor the day before the Britain European Union exit vote. This could have been considered a high risk trade, except I legged into it. I sold my Calls on 6/23 and waited until 6/24 to sell my Puts. I was able to take advantage of the market panic […]