Month: January 2023

A Beginner’s Guide To Stock Collar Options Trading

A collar option strategy is an options strategy that involves buying stock, stock futures, or options to create a position that has downside protection and the potential for profit if the price of the underlying asset rises. A stock collar strategy is a combination of covered call and long put options designed to limit losses […]

What Are The Main Economic Factors Influencing Oil Prices?

Oil prices are the most vital factor of oil, and they directly impact the global market. They dictate production, production costs, supply, demand, and speculations. But what factors affect oil prices? And how do they influence the oil market? Understanding the economic factors that influence oil prices will help us make informed decisions about our […]

Why would you invest in a lower paying dividend stock verses a higher paying one?

I get this question myself a number of times as well as see it in a lot of dividend group chats. People look at something like QYLD which pays 13.21% and SCHD which pays 3.41% and ask, why would you buy SCHD over QYLD? I get it, 13.21% is higher than 3.41% right? Before I […]

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